About Aquidneck Business Connections

What is the Aquidneck Business Connections (ABC) group about?
Our mission is to help local business people increase revenue through a structured, collaborative, and professional referral practice. Commitment to this group will enable you to develop enduring business relationships with other valued and like-minded business professionals. We strive to succeed Why join the ABC?
As local business people, we truly understand that success in business is built on the foundation of mutually beneficial relationships. Our weekly group meetings, events, one on one meetings, & educational sessions are designed for our members to build relationships amongst themselves that foster trust, integrity, and a high level of mutual expectations that will lead to growth in your business.

How do I join?
Please come to one or two of our weekly Wednesday morning meetings to see what we are all about. The meetings are structured but have an upbeat atmosphere of “getting on” with business and learning how the giving of both knowledge and time can lead to growth – professionally and personally. If you would like to join our group, you will fill out an application provided by the leadership team. The application will be reviewed by our Membership Committee to ensure the group is a good fit for all. Upon approval, you will be welcomed into the ABC in a short swearing-in ceremony and a gift of our appreciation.

When I join, what is expected of me?
We do not have any requirements other than your commitment of time to the group. There are no quotas for referrals or business that you have been thanked for – no pressure! Success is grown organically within the group and comes over time as you build familiarity and trust among your fellow members. To be successful, members are expected to be in attendance and participate in all meetings. We expect our members to treat our meetings the same way you would treat an actual or prospective client.

How will I know if the ABC is worth it?
Every business person has to make “cost vs benefit” decisions on a daily basis. We understand that the decision to join our group has to make sense and must provide a return on the investment of your time and money. We recognize every local business person needs to spend resources to market themselves and their businesses to the public. This can be done in a variety of ways – social media, advertising, attending networking events, hiring sales staff, etc… All of these can be expensive and hard to track the benefits. By joining the ABC, you are “hiring” a group of people who will go to work for you directly in your local community. You can now leverage new relationships like never before. And we track our progress through an online application. You will enter your referrals, your one on one meetings, and “Thank You’s” for closed business into our database. You will have a very clear idea as to what you have gained monetarily from the ABC.

How much does it cost?
Our annual dues for membership in the group is $395 to pay for administration of the group, events, socials, and whatever else is needed to make the ABC go! We also have a $30/month room fee to cover the cost of securing our weekly meeting place.

When are the weekly meetings?
Wednesday at 7:30 sharp. Meetings conclude at 9:00 am sharp! Here’s what we do at the weekly meetings

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